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Last updated 02/04/2017

Welcome to the Guernsey Model Flying Club website.

This Sunday saw a very able and willing group of members tackling the infilling of the rabbit holes on our runways, with great enthusiasm… huge thanks to you all guys, the site is looking good thanks to your efforts. As usual, even young Riley lent a hand :-)

Site team April 17

Spades at the ready, let’s get stuck in !!

Still lots of excellent items on the For Sale page – a whole host of Helis and some lovely Warbirds on offer, all at excellent prices :-)


The recent Digital Ace event that the club participated in, was a great success, photos from the event can be found on the “Digital Ace Event 2017″ page. Huge thanks to those who turned up with models for the display as well as those who ‘manned’ the display areas. 


We had a great social gathering on Sunday at Chouet, check “2017 New Year social gathering at Chouet” page for some photos of the members who came along to toast the New Year.


Following the December AGM, it was decided to maintain the Annual Club Subscription level for 2017 at the same level as this year. Therefore, in conjunction with no increase in the BMFA fees, our total subscription level remains the same for 2017. 

Committee Member details and Subscription Fees for 2017 are shown on the relevant page.

Please pay your membership fee as soon as possible, so as to ensure a continuation of your insurance cover.



In response to the continued popularity of the operation of ‘Drones’ – (Small Unmanned Aircraft), the Club wishes to offer help and advice to any prospective or indeed current operator, particularly concerning the latest legal aspects of drone operation.

As a result, we have put together a page which we hope will answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions concerning the safe operation of these craft.

Please refer to the page – ‘DRONE operation FAQ’s’ for futher information.


Important notice –  Should you be unfortunate enough to have your model end up within the wire compound on top of the bunker at the western end of the Chouet site, please contact either a committee member or Ronez (256426) so as to gain access to retrieve the model.


Members are reminded that no vehicles are permitted onto the flying site unless previously agreed by the committee. Any vehicle so permitted, must stay to the outer edges of the runways and must not drive across any runway area.

Pilots please note that you should not fly at Chouet unless you have renewed your membership as you will not be insured. Please contact Dave Wilkinson or Colin Rouillard with your subs/details.



There is to be NO overflying of the ‘green waste site’ whilst it is in operation. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action being taken… you have been warned !

Huge thanks to the members who continue to give their time to do maintenance of the flying site….

This website will be updated on a fairly regular basis, so please check back every so often to see the updates and new information. If you have any suggestions for content or layout, please feel free to contact me – Colin Rouillard –

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