Test flight report of new members aircraft

Every once in a while, a chance comes along to test fly a new aircraft… or in this case TWO! New members Geoff Brehaut and Dave Le Sauvage had built identical aircraft and asked if I would test fly them. As luck would have it, several months of rubbish weather have passed before the perfect opportunity presented itself on Friday 27th.

Having checked the aircraft over, it was time to put Geoff’s model into the air first and I have to honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever flown a more stable aircraft in the past; a couple of clicks of trim here and there and it flew beautifully ‘hands off’. Geoff took the sticks for a few minutes to get a feel for the model and when it was time to land, the approach was so slow and stable, it felt like everything had gone into slow motion; in fact the aircraft literally landed itself with the minutest amount of flare needed at the last moment, but I could have actually left things alone and it would still have been an acceptable landing.

Big smiles all round and then time for a repeat process with Dave’s model. Exactly the same result, virtually no trimming required, followed by some time for Dave to have a ‘play’ and the same non event landing approach followed by a ‘greaser’ of a touch down.

The aircraft that both Geoff and Dave chose to build is the Apprentice ‘S’ by Eflite, a superb trainer which will give them both many hours of service in the future. So good is this model in fact, that both Geoff and Dave completed 3 more flights each that morning, unaided and without mishap.

Here are some shots of Dave’s model during preparation and flight (courtesy of Geoff B) and the members themselves.

D le S

A quick check that all is where it should be!

D le S 2

All is OK, so let’s go fly !

D le S 3

Final radio check, ready for the off….

D le S 4

… and away she goes, steady as a rock…beautiful !

D le S 5

Dave’s turn on the sticks, no worries here :-)

D le S 6

….and safely back to earth, with a great landing to finish with.

D le S 7

The justifiably proud owners with their aircraft… Dave Le Sauvage on left, Geoff Brehaut on right… thanks guys for askking me to do the honours, it was a real pleasure.

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