Digital Ace event 2017

Held on Saturday 11th February 2017, the event centered around technology and the challenges that come with it in terms of ‘on-line’ safety etc. The Club’s participation was aimed primarily at giving children (and parents) an insight into the hobby, particularly given ┬áthe recent explosion of interest in ‘Drones’.

A joint initiative with the CI Director of Aviation aimed at giving prospective and existing drone operators, the relevant safety and ‘legal’ information that is essential when operating these type of craft.

The event as a whole was hugely successful and our displays were very well received by the public as you can see from the following photos, some of which were taken in the few ‘quieter’ times.

Huge thanks to Mike Burton, Andy Best, Phil Collenette, Chris Bougourd, Ian Barker, Mick Wilkinson, Dave Wilkinson, Paul Reynolds, Julian Nield and Peter Rihoy (sadly unable to make it on the day due to illness); for providing models and much appreciated help in setting up and breaking down the displays.

Digital Ace 01

Just a small selection of the varied models in our static display

Digital Ace 02

Drones come in all shapes and sizes these days, here are just a few !













Digital Ace 03

One of the ‘quieter’ times around the static display

Digital Ace 04

The ‘indoor’ flight line before the event got underway, quite a range of models to keep the public happy !











Digital Ace 05

Very popular flying display later in the day, the venue was ideal and allowed a good range of models to be flown

Digital Ace 06

The flight simulator proved to very popular as usual, the afternoon saw a continuous queue of potential pilots, both young and old, waiting for a go. This shot was taken in one of the few ‘quieter’ moments early in the afternoon.



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