Heritage Event 09/07/17

Despite the change in wind direction causing a few issues later in the day, these guys put on a great display for the assembled Heritage guests. The static display was very much appreciated by all too, with some excellent models being displayed.

Heritage 01

A good selection of models on display

Heritage 02

As you can see, we were well situated for the guests to view the static display

Heritage 03

Club members enjoying a few minutes break in the afternoon’s proceedings

Heritage 04

Good to see multi-rotors were also on display

Heritage 05

A selection of electric powered models on display

Heritage 06

Nice close up on Mick Wilkinson’s Wot 4

Heritage 07

Mick and Chris Wilkinson about to take off with their respective Wot 4s to give the guests a taste of some ‘formation’ flying… none too easy in the blustery conditions, but these guys can cope 🙂

Heritage 08

Thank heavens the landing area was as large as it was, not easy getting these light aircraft down together in gusty conditions

Heritage 09

Chris Bougourd showing a high level of concentration when piloting his ‘Dogfighter’, this aircraft really gets a move on when throttled up, so no room for errors here!

Heritage 10

A fast pass for the camera from Chris’s ‘Dogfighter’

Heritage 11

Something a little less ordinary – Ian Barker’s Hand Launch (discus style) Glider – ‘Whipit’

Heritage 12

Ian Barker and Chris Bougourd getting to grips -literally, with Ian’s electric powered ‘kite’, this model is very unusual and attracts a great deal of interest whenever it is flown

Heritage 13

Ian B is not one to stick with the ‘ordinary’ so here is a lovely shot of his Ripmax VTOL shortly after take off and about to transition to forward flight

Heritage 14

A slightly different angle but shows the lines of the aircraft really well

Heritage 15

Coming into land…. the two aircraft in the middle are actually some distance away from Ian’s VTOL.. thank heavens 🙂

Heritage 16

Ian B’s ‘Convergence’ about to enter vertical flight mode

Heritage 17

‘Oooh Mum/Dad, can I have one of these for Christmas pleeease…. 😉

A wonderful day all round, thanks to all club members who supported the event and many thanks to the Heritage Group for inviting us.

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