‘Warbirds over Chouet’ – May 2017

On Sunday 20th May, the site at Chouet played host to quite a few ‘warbird’ models. Some were constructed quite recently, whilst others were ‘old timers’ that were dragged back into service for this event. Whilst the wind proved ‘challenging’ at times, there were no major incidences and the members had some great fun flying their models in true warbird style. The photos below are courtesy of Geoff Brehaut, who did a great job in capturing the spirit of the day.

Warbird 01

Just some of the models and pilots that took part, huge thanks to all who turned up to support the event.

Warbird 02

Left to right – Electric powered Hurricane & P40 Warhawk…. very ancient ‘Fun Fighter’ Spitfire and EDF Grumman Panther

Warbird 03

Trevor Stephens’ warbirds – IC powered Corsair &Tempest and electric powered Mustang

Warbird 04

Andy Best tweaking his lovely electric powered Trojan T28. Jess Druce providing a helping hand.


Warbird 05

Andy’s T28 on final approach, flaps deployed & ready for a smooth landing. This aircraft is really stable in flight and looks totally realistic.

Warbird 06

Over the threshold and about to touch down… another successful sortie!

Warbird 07

Veteran Fun Fighter Spitfire gets airborne courtesy of a ‘veteran’ hand launch 🙂

Warbird 08

Chris Bougourd’s EDF F16 gets an energetic ‘heave ho’ from the pilot

Warbird 09

This little jet looks great in the air.. really moves too !

Warbird 10

Chris still had enough energy left to launch Andy Best’s EDF ‘Fury’.. lovely aircraft

Warbird 11

Andy’s ‘Fury’ on a very high speed pass… sounded great and looked fantastic





Warbird 12

Mike Burton about to launch his lovely DH Vampire

Warbird 13

Looks great in the air this model and sounds good too 🙂

Warbird 14

Another atmospheric shot of this beautiful aircraft.

Warbird 15

Chris Bougourd’s small Mustang gets a helping hand to get airborne.. courtesy of that veteran again ! This model certainly didn’t hang about.

Warbird 16

Gliding in for a belly landing… the cowl was removed for this flight so as to allow the new motor to ‘breathe’ a little easier.

Warbird 17

Chris Wilkinson’s ‘Tornado’ gets the ‘veteran’ treatment this time… not sure which is older, the plane or the launcher 😉

Warbird 18

Banking in for a low, fast pass 🙂

Warbird 19

Chris Wilkinson’s various models awaiting the ‘off’. This time it was the tun of his big Mustang… once we got the retracts sorted that is!

Warbird 20

A truly beautiful aircraft in model form. This looked so elegant in the air and Chris’s flying certainly showed it off to its best advantage.

Warbird 21

This time its the turn of Chris’s ME109 to take to the skies

Warbird 22

Looking great with the wheels up and on a fast and low strafing run down the runway

Warbird 23

Mission accomplished… time to land.

Warbird 24

Whilst not strictly a ‘Warbird’ Chris B’s electric ‘Dogfighter’ does bear a passing resemblance to a Spitfire, so I feel justified in including this shot of this reeeeallly fast model.


Thanks again to those who turned up to spectate as well as the pilots who put on a great display. Thanks also to Geoff for all his shots, not an easy task keeping a small, fast model in the frame whilst trying to focus as well! Given the fun we all had, I think that a similar event later in the year could well be on the cards.




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