General shots of members’ aircraft or anything else that seems interesting!

Here are some initial photos of two aircraft that recently had their maiden flights; first up is Mike Burton’s large electric powered Trislander. Sounds brilliant in the air with the 3 motors giving a distinctive ‘beating’ very much like the full size and Mike reported that it handled pretty much like a large trainer.

The Technical specs of the Trislander are as follows:

BN-2A MkIII Trislander built from the RC Model World scale plan (September 2002) by Malcolm Rummey (UK) to stand off specifications. The model has been finished by me to represent G-JOEY as recently refurbished and on display at the Oatlands centre.

Wing span : 80 inches (2030mm)                           Fuselage   : 72 inches (1840mm)

Scale         : 12½ %                                                         Wing area : 670 sq ins

All-up-Flying weight : 4kgs (8lb 14oz)

Powered by : 3 x 35/14 1100kv electric brushless motors        Esc: 3 x 40/45 amp 2/4s ESCs

Props: 2 x (11×7) and 1 x (10×7)        Batteries:1 x 4s 4250mAh (14.8v) Lipo battery for all three motors which are wired in parallel and 1 x 1200mAh 4.8 volt Ni-MH pack for the receiver and 8 servos.

Interestingly, the original model built by Robin Fowler with 3 x 600 brushed motors, 2 x 1700 mAh Ni-MH batteries and 2 ESCs came in at an all-up-weight of 4.116 Kgs (9 lbs 3 oz). This Trislander is therefore some 116 grams or 5 oz lighter than the original model.

Flying shots by Alan Howell, ground shots by me – CR

and the next model….

I’ve been a big fan of the C47 (DC3, Dakota, Skytrain or whatever your preference to type) for a very long time, and just recently decided to add one to my collection. The model is a Dynam ‘kit’ which I bought through The Model Shop and I have to say that the price of the model through John  and Steve was better than off the web and only took 3 days to arrive – great service for which I am more than happy to praise 🙂

Model flew really well on its maiden flight, and I think you’ll agree that Alan H’s flying shots capture the distinctive outline really well. Technical details are as follows:-

Wingspan 1470mm    Flying weight (slightly heavier than on the box lid due to steerable tail wheel modification and a few other mods) 1500gm

Powered by two outrunner brushless motors fed from a single 2100mah 3s LiPo. Duration should be about 8 minutes with this setup, but time will tell!

Always looking for an unusual subject to add to his ‘squadron’ Chris Wilkinson came across an advert on Sussex Model Centre’s web site for a FreeWing ME 262 edf model; so with a couple of clicks duly done, the model is now added to Chris’s collection.

Technical details are – 

Wingspan is 59 inches and the model is powered by a 6s 5000mah Lipo driving 2 x 70mm 12 bladed fans.

All up weight is 2900 grams with a thrust of 2850 grams so it shouldn’t hang around!! (post maiden flight I can confirm that it is fast!!)

Chris Wilkinson’s collection is graced with this beautiful  41” wingspan model with an AUW of 5.6 pounds, Red Arrows Hawk; produced by FMS and sporting an 80mm fan fed by a 6S 3700mah pack this model is beautiful in every sense. The sound of the fan when airborne is spine tingling and together with impeccable handling, including gentle low speed characteristics, means that this model is a real pleasure to own and fly. Having seen it perform some big manoeuvres in true Red Arrows style, it is a real winner.


Hawk 2 Hawk 4 Hawk 3 Hawk 1



Here also is a recent addition to Chris Wilkinson’s squadron of models, a stunning FMS Super Scorpion. Powered by a 6C battery pack, the 90mm fan sounds just awesome in the air, very much like a turbine! Flight is very stable and the flaps help to slow her up for a landing. Here are a few pix to help show what a great model this is.

CW Scorpion_04 CW Scorpion_03 CW Scorpion_02 CW Scorpion_01





Mick Wilkinson’s latest aircraft – Airacobra P39.. here are some details and photos courtesy of Mick…..

The model,  produced by Roc Hobby is a scale reproduction of a P-39 Airacobra. It spans 38.6 inches, motor is a  3648-770Kv motor combined with a heavy-duty 70A ESC. This turns a 4 blade 10 x 8 prop powered by a 4s 2200 Lipo.  It comes fully equipped with all running gear ( including retracts and flaps. Just pop in your own receiever and Lipo and go fly. Initial test flights indicate a very smooth and quick flyer with a running time os about 6 mins.

Sadly I missed the ‘maiden flight’ but can vouch for the purposeful look of this model. The finish is amazing with lots of scale detail moulded into the surface of the foam. Great looking model and I look forward to seeing it fly 🙂

AC 01

AC 02

AC 03

AC 04

Some flying shots of members’ models, taken recently by Chris Wilkinson.

aerial 01 aerial 02 aerial 03 aerial 04 aerial 05

aerial 06

Jet event at RAF Wyton attended by Andy Best and Shane   – photos courtesy of Andy B

Some very nice pieces of kit here I think you’ll agree!

RAF Wyton 1 RAF Wyton 2 RAF Wyton 3 RAF Wyton 4

RAF Wyton 5

Andy Best’s latest heli, this is a very nice TRex 800 DFC. Photos by Stefan.

ABestTRex800_1 ABestTRex800_2 ABestTRex800_3

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