STOL event – Chouet Thursday 24th June 2021

This event was probably a ‘first’ for the GMFC as it was a slight departure from the ‘normal’ Spot landing or Touch and Go disciplines which we are all familiar with. 

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event due to a clash of personal commitments, but from what I understand, the event provided a high level of fun, with the pilots all trying to wring the best out of their aircraft in this particular style of flying. 

Adding a little more spice to the event, was the presence of a low cloud base, which saw several pilots playing ‘chicken’ with the cloud base by disappearing into the murk for a couple of seconds then re-appearing in preparation for their attempt at a STOL type landing.

Thanks to Andy Best and all the other pilots for making this event a success, I’m sure we’ll do more of this type of challenge in the future.

I am indebted to Alan Howell for providing the action shots shown below.

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