Committee Members & Subscription Fees

The committee are there to ensure the smooth running of the club and to help promote aeromodelling in the island; and as a club member you are also very much part of this.

Club President – Mike Burton   07781 464 762              

Secretary – Colin Rouillard          07911 719 640           

Treasurer – Dave Wilkinson       07781 424 041               

 The ‘Safety Officer’ is the person to contact if there is anything happening at the flying site that is deemed unsafe by any member and for 2021 that is Chris Bougourd, his contact details are:        07781 440 338

Other committee members are-

Flying:           Martyn Dorrity

Website:        Colin Rouillard    07911 719 640             

If you wish to join the Club, please contact one of the Committee members who will take your details, along with the relevant subscription fee, and process your application. You will then be registered with the BMFA who will in turn provide you with a BMFA Member ID number as well as proof of insurance.

Following the 2020 AGM where it was decided to reduce the Adult Membership to that of the rate for OAPs, the GMFC subscriptions for new members and those renewing their membership are effective immediately and are in force for the remainder of 2021. (subject to proviso detailed in AGM proposal)

GMFC Full membership (including BMFA membership)                              £58
GMFC Full membership over 65 years old (incl BMFA membership)      £58
GMFC Junior membership (including BMFA membership)                        £37
GMFC Family membership (1 adult + 1 junior)                                                 £95
GMFC Non-flying membership                                                                                £37

Please make sure  your membership fees are paid up to date before you fly, so that your BMFA insurance is valid.

Site maintenance is very important to us as it can really effect the hobby and how much we enjoy it. Luckily most of the members get involved to make the site better for everyone, however if you want to give a hand with site maintenance please contact one of the committee as your help will be greatly appreciated.

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