Flying Site Rules

Safety is a prime concern of the GMFC and we are naturally proud of our good safety record; so as to keep things that way, we have a few simple rules which we require all members to stick to.

NEW RULES for 2015:

If a model lands or ‘crashes’ off of the flying site (ie not on the runway), the incident must be reported to the Club Safety Officer as soon as possible, who will keep a log of all incidents.

The BMFA ‘A’ Certificate is recommended for solo flying.  (members should attain this as soon as possible)

1) ALL pilots must hold Third Party Insurance to a minimum value of £5m – this is a requirement of all users of any States of Guernsey land

2) There is to be NO overflying of the ‘Green’ waste site during its operational hours. Exemptions to this are ‘approaches’ resulting from a ‘deadstick’ situation and manouevres carried out at a height exceeding 100′ above flying site level

3) NO overflying of the ‘pits’ area  -at any height!

4) All IC motors must be fitted with an effective silencer

5) Aircraft should be carried to/from the runways, not taxied

6) All pilots should stand in the ‘pilot’s circle’ when flying

All the above are fairly common sense rules, so please operate thoughtfully and enjoy the hobby in safety !

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