Flying Site Details

In Guernsey we have two designated flying sites, Chouet and Pleinmont. Chouet is the power site (see runway layout below) and the only place approved in the island for the flying of IC powered models. Although originally identified as the ‘IC power’ site there is a vast range of electric powered aircraft flown there too. Pleinmont headland is the gliding site which is on the South-Westerly cliffs of the Island, so if the wind is blowing in the right direction, lots of lift can be found for some really relaxed soaring on a site that enjoys fantastic sea views as well.


Ref the newly formed runway – #3

The pilot’s box is located at the intersection of the 3 runways, when the N/S or E/W runways are the ‘active runways’; when using runway 3, the pilot’s box is to the south west of the runway edge where the taxi way exits from the pits area. Pilots should agree between themselves which runway is the active runway at the start of any particular flying session, or if the wind direction changes during a flying session.

chouet runways

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